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//brighteyedarien: Arien squeals in joy, "Father!!"

"Hello dear one!"

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"What is this I hear about titles?"


"What’s that? I couldn’t hear you, O Smaug, The Covetous Count of the Urulók, Guardian of the Hoard Immeasurable, Bane of Charity."

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"I k-know I am not an Ainu, but I'd... s-sort of like a title, if it isn't t-too much trouble. M-maybe I'd be less afraid of things if I f-felt more important."

"Rossiel, Bringer of Revelry! Lady of Roving!  Dame of the Deft Fingers!:

"I demand to have the title ‘Vala’ once more."




"Surely you can be more creative than merely ‘Vala.’ Why not…Purveyor of Aquatic Excellence? The Sea-Sultan? Ossë, Patron Saint of all that is Buoyant?"



"Those are nice, Father, but they lack the same significance and meaning as Vala. The Children recognize what that rank entails. A purveyor or sultan or saint are lofty, but do not imply the same importance.”

"Now, now my dear one. Your importance is in more than arbitrary titles given to you by the Children."

If any of you are unhappy with your titles, please let me know. I’ll try to give you something more…festive.





Yeee raddest kids in town))

"We’re gonna stop those drugs from spreading!"


"Which will drive up demand and unsafe black market manufacture. My dear ones, drugs are not such bad things. Harmful excess and using them to hurt others…now that is what should be combated. Look around you at Creation, do you really think sobriety made the platypus?"

"Yes, I can assure you all that Father was not sober while creating the platypus… and many other things. Actually I am not sure that he is ever sober.


Nothing, absolutely nothing, is bad in essence. In this case the uses, attitudes and misconceptions associated to these substances are what truly makes them noxious, as Father so accurately mentioned before. And please do not forget to take into consideration the reasons that make people seek a harmful way to alter their consciousnesses. Many tend to see the evident manifestations of the problem, but not its origin.

Restrictions of any kind must always be applied carefully, for it is easy to stray from the noble path of bringing safety and order, to become rigid and constraining instead. Your spirits need freedom and joy as much as bodies need food and water— To keep on living.

I do like the costumes though, they are very creative. And also it is obvious that you have the best intentions to help others.

I wish you all the luck and success in the world.”

"I think Gardens are wonderful things!"

"I demand to have the title ‘Vala’ once more."




"Maybe a formal request with a list of reasons showing why you should be and a list of referenced names that support your view for this very thing would be effective brother. That or speaking with those you are closest and express that you wish to be considered among their ranks again. You are kin after all."

"I have tried that. But on this shore, clearly kinship or worthiness mean nothing.”


"So I will resort to ultimatums and force their hands if I must."

"Surely you can be more creative than merely ‘Vala.’ Why not…Purveyor of Aquatic Excellence? The Sea-Sultan? Ossë, Patron Saint of all that is Buoyant?"



stomer - tea in hand. 

He nodded, looking at a row of ceramic cats on a shelf. "Patients do make the best healers…" He chuckled to himself before turning back to the Dwarf. His hat brim continued to obscure his eyes, but his smile was genuine. "And what would you prescribe for me if I were a customer?"

Dori served the customer then turned to look at Eru.  ”chamomile” he decided.

"You believe I need rest?" He chuckled, picking up the cup for a careful sip."Lucky guess?"

My Ainur could manifest as bedazzled farts and it wouldn’t change my love for them.